Scan0026On Thursday, the 15th of May, at around 3.30, was the last undergrad class for the writer, inshallah(God willing). The degree was rather long- mostly cuz of a minor with around 30 extra credits. To all the nay-sayers- middle-aged women, odd men, wide-eyed staring random people, the questioners, the squashers, the un-nutty-nuts and cases, the wooden-faced ones, to the “why are you taking so long? is there something terribly wrong?” Thoughts, mostly in my own head, well, i did what i wanted to do. And what I do from now on is entirely up to me, and a few very very dear people. There. I have always wanted to say that! 😀
Alhamdullilah. All praises belong to God.
These were done on finishing, hopefully to add some bright sparkling adventure and drama to an otherwise very normal quiet evening, on the Friday after.Scan0027

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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