The Candied House 2

Sorrowful and beglooming, the Jokers Last Nest, the Candied House. Ms.Thatwackyperson stood on the porch staring out at the limber, lanky, frowningly sarcastic trees. Little hard hats seemed to walk swiftly on their own, floating mysteriously just above the greenery. There were bits of stuff, scattered around, remains of the construction work, which are not pictured here. Some of them were remarkably odd, like the large toilet tank with flowers growing out of it. Or the giant green bottle, that was balanced precariously on a pile of odds and ends. There were a number of highly colored umbrellas folded neatly inside. Each umbrella had something wrong with it- inside-outness, broken spokes, holes in the canvas, bright splodges of paint, see-through-ness and many more. A few random squashed tomatoes littered the driveway. There were potato plants in th large central flowerbed, honored with little frilly pink railings and plastic windmills. Everything was garishly bright and particularly pink.Scan0028

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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