Pray For Gaza


I posted these on another site some months ago, when the latest Palestine-Israel conflict had barely started. The futility of everything is so heartbreaking.


The war rages in Gaza again. The same story again and again. Small incidents. Retaliatory incidents. Airstrikes. Rockets.Bombardments. Civilians & mosques & homes & non-combatants targeted. Many, many children, men, women, civilians killed on the Palestinian side. No- or almost no- casualties in Israel. Monstrous politics- and the victims are all innocents, hundreds, thousands, millions of them in Gaza. & the US, and all the world powers do & say NOTHING.- WHICH IS NO LONGER EXCUSABLE. Not now. not anymore.
Tomorrow, I am going to join the Electronic information way of standing up/speaking up against this. I have to say something. I have to speak up. I could message world leaders on social media. Spread and sign petitions. State firmly that enough is enough. NO MORE.
And yet, sorrowfully, no matter how many things are done, it cannot bring those little innocent children back to life again, or take all the blood back into those lifeless bodies. Or stop, erase those BLACK, BLACK TEARS. RIVER OF BLOOD & BLACK TEARS & DEAD INNOCENTS & LOSS OF HUMANITY.
Meanwhile Syria, Iraq, CAR, and so many many other human places are deteriorating- Humanity!
Every place in the world has sadness in it, in some way, small or huge or unforgivably gigantic, or infinite and unending.


I have always, for a long time now- wanted to really write & draw,& well live life wonderfully &beautifully, as wacky & crazy & coo-coo& strange, and awesome (Oh dr_! I am trying to use other words besides awesome) and Free.
And , Alhamdullilah (Thanks be to God), I have been fortunate enough to have dreams, amazing dreams that take one and one’s imagination to places far, far away, pulling, shifting, CHANGING, reality, keeping one, helping one, through all the things that life brings. ALWAYS.
AND, if you are reading this, its likely you too have had dreams that have come true.
WHAT is heartbreaking are all the times the world of a child is stolen, shattered, cloaked in darkness, forced to be draped & covered in BLOOD, in oceans & oceans of it; until nothing, NOTHING IS LEFT but a cold, hard, empty, awful shell. A shell where dreams can never be. A life where hope, imagination, dreams, life, are all far off things that just glimmer & glint like the stars- they can be seen far away, but what they really are, sound like, taste like, feel like, look like, can never be really known.
For all the children of the world, whose dreams are stolen, whose world’s are shattered and broken and made into insignificant Dust. For the innocents, who our world (we) has failed over and over again,
For the children of Gaza,

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An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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