Welcome to the Garden

1. This is the Entrance to the Garden. Its a special place, that I visited once in a very sunny-lazy-bees buzzing-tall glass of lemonade- dream.  Scan00762. Please lay down under the spiraling tendrils, dancing, teasing, laughing little things, and the ending blue.Scan00793. There is a staircase, winding away into somewhere not-very-tall and made of bricks-of-mud. Scan0020

4. Which leads you to the Attic. where the stuff end up, eventually. (Like the book Attica, by Garry Kilworth, which is simply amazing.)Scan0078


[Update:]Here are somethings in this tall, strikingly nutwiggy ramble:Scan0080

5. There is a back door that leads to a giant water slide, and a branch that dangles over strange and rather eerie waters. There is a dark moon.Scan0075

6. A sudden turn of the water, and there is a fountain,of apples, and echo-worthy cliffs, randomly spooky.Scan0064

7. Another flight of turning, foreboding stairs, to the End. There is an exit, waiting just around the next bend, and yet, maybe, if you like, if its not too much trouble,please do stop here for a while, and have a glass of the glinting glittery water.Scan00638. Now that you are safely out, let me tell you of the Danger. Of the creature that lurked under the innocent little black lines, brushes of so many colours…

They call him the Drazingnugwraappernuckmadcanwereana!


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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