That Beautiful Malaysian Rain…

That beautiful rain…
So you walking in the rain, that Malaysian rain, yeah- you are splashed- drenched from your knees- ankles, and you can say what you like, at the highest pitch, or the lowest, u could, it’s all the roaring same. Even in your head. And pretend to be a night rider. A night rider! Scream then! How much u hate the world, right out there, under the little round grey wrinkled cloth all fitted in fragile metal hinges- saving you from being completely- mad- in the sight of the world- cuz that’s all that’s left to save- you’re drenched right through, you want to toss up-down fresh rain juice, swallow a gallon till ur feeling dizzy from all that mineral-less stuff tinged with a little springy acid- you want to toss back your head and roar, arms uplifted, surrounded by the slush-nothings of what once were your most important things-numbers-letters- SO! an accolade-one point four two seconds long exactly- to the umbrella and its bleeding m2 face-saving-ness- as you walk, a Night Rider- the Night Rider- alone. Shoes-soaked-unglued-changing-to-the grey slush-being of that greyness. That Malaysian rain, yeah. Scream then! How much you love the world, right out there…

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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