Speaking from a place that no one goes

“Speaking from a place that no one goes- that no one ever knows- about cuz its empty and forlorn and there’s a sign “Trespassers will be shot.”, on a white board with a skull & crossbones & come chemical flame symbol. There’s weeds overgrown all over the white lines of the white washed wood and a taste of rain. No one ever goes inside cuz No one turned away, at the gate, cuz it too unfriendly. No one walked back down the bumpy, mud-rock road, back to the little wooden board on sticks that was supposed to be a bus stop. And stood waiting, for the 62 bus to come take them home. No-one didn’t trespass, they turned away like a good person should. No-one didn’t trespass- I did and I was shot.”

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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