Too much sugar

In second grade, the teacher somehow managed to get eggs (or was it caterpillars?) of monarch butterflies. It was exciting watching them grow. Obviously haha. Strange though, how a caterpillar is probably tougher and more resilient than a butterfly, and that theres nothing remotely flying-butter-y about them, either, or that caterpillars are pests- You love butterflies right? Or people in some places do eat caterpillars, i’ve heard, but i’ve yet to here about butterflies being eaten, and i don’t want to internet search it- lets see if its prevalent enough to get to my little-miss-nobody-in-the-middle-of-nowhwere’s-ears! haha A few weeks later in a little plate of sugar,there lay, flattened out, wierdly crystally beautiful, and sad, a little orange and black monarch, its colours coming out from the crystals of sugar- it was buried- there was too much sugar- it was sad- i never forgot- it lay there, how, why, when, what? that little 7 year old wondered-there was too much sugar. the others, its siblings, got life from its grave.

That is her dress, those are her wings, and they are  held down by too much sugar… (stuck to the wall at the back of Engineering- the coffee/smokers place- loved it there- feeling companionable with random dudes getting a quick smoke-we mutually respectfully ignored each other- LOL!)

*The actual making of this piccture was emotionally challenging for me- more than any picture i have made I think! It was finals (it still is actually haha) and I kept doing this instead of learning Arabic. I kept wanting to stop at each stage- this is good, going further would be a risk! I’ve doodled longer than painting! kept thinking that. then again i could always doodle another butterfly stuck to the wall with too much sugar 🙂 

Kept asking myself why am I doing this? Is it worth it?

And some how my heart kept telling me it is-it has to be- this is for all of you-I hope it somehow brightens up ur day just a little- makes you feel happy! that would be amazing for me 🙂

Scan0149  Scan0151 Scan0152 Scan0153  Scan0155 Scan0156

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