Wing Series

So just imagine- invisible gigantic wings- on every person you meet today. Green-from exotic beach postcards- for that boy with glasses, slightly nervous, Violet for his tall chatty friend in the purple spotted shirt, blaring Orange! for the lady at the counter, crinkly eyes, traces of glitter, eyeliner, and that young-old look of working so much, Black, light, expressive thousand colour Black, for your best buddy, Grey-shiny membrane greenish- for all the distant figures’ wings-distorted, discoloured by the distance,rain, sun, or night…or the foggy scratched up year-old glasses perched on the nose…

The Wings Series is a bunch of clothes with accessories, like bikes that are supposed to be people with wings. Its funny really how flying free like mostly birds/ sometimes insects has been written, painted, imagined, poetry-fied, story-fied,dreamed etc, etc, for eternity by humans. I know, there I go spouting wise old drops of wisdom that’s actually cliched haha. Wings aren’t ever cliched though- I bang my fist down in assuring you that-yes I do! Lol. Nuts. This was fun. Always loved wings 😀

It started, of course with too much sugar…Scan0156

And then a massive creature on the roof of the yellow houses…     Scan0169    

Or was it a seven year old, fourteen year memory on a red metal tricycle, straight out from a story (as I later found out, or thought I did)…Scan0167

Wings are stronger than chains, of course…Scan0173

Walking home again, haha! funny that, walking home…Scan0166

Self-portrait. This is my favorite…Scan0170

Wings on fire! one and two…Scan0174Scan0164

And an older one dug out from some random place…Scan0168

Oh and I forgot about this different planet! Thats Uranus, by the way. Just thought u’d like to know that. Yep! Now doesn’t it just zip-zang up the day a little- imagine you could fly to Uranus on bird-insect mutant wings Scan0171

I think I will do another wing series! With motorbikes and skateboards and boats and space ships and boots, i think! 😉

InshAllah (God Willing)




About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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