Thought DUELS


“Here’s to Life & Friendship. Love, You!”

Chant. Help. Protect. Words. Thoughts have power! Like knives- swords. Only knives are kind of useless without a wielder- a user- so thoughts…wielded by you, make you your own challenger- your own dueler- thrust, parry, attack- roll- knock down! Sometimes you win and sometimes You wins. Or you miss cuz your unarmed strike isn’t that good yet- you discipline-less dancing fool…And sometimes its just a big fat bleeding truce between you & you. These thoughts can enslave you if you let them or they can try. Or they do try. Wrong? They can change what you were doing five minutes later from the afternoons coffee, in white, white and brown and grey that you offered the siblings, they can sharpen and go blurred with speed until its so fast you can barely write them down (so said the Form 4 English teacher one fine PTC a decade ago). They hold this for you, to let you go. Protect. Chant. Help. Words. Exclamation mark (REPEAT FIVE TIMES).

Little Big things + Big Little things =bigger littler things or littler bigger things

Don’t u just like yanking ideas with thoughts like a yo-yo around and around and around and around


Even the thinkers dizzy with big little adrenaline high..

“Come into my parlour”, said the spider to the fly…….

Ahem. Cliché.

 *Obviously I am completely ignorant about sword fighting. Moves taken from Neverwinter Nights 1 😉

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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