Some seniors used to smoke in the park every lunch time. And some of the non-smokers were like “hey its kind of real, almost addictive really. I mean it ain’t so bad.”



An elderly knowledgeable one on literature once advised Agatha Christie something like never moralize or preach in her writing. (obviously in the ugly, and not-so-ugly kind of moralizing/preaching.) double ha! laughing at me ha! cuz i’ am obviously “shooting myself in the foot!” with this and this post.

Cigarettes- would have cost money and time- energy, effort (to be addicted to anything a certain amount of determination and energy and a YES! I am determined to be addicted to this with all the energy,

and determination,

and energy

and determination,






CoUgH! COuGh!

This dudette/dude downstairs smokes this exotic cigar every morning. It shouts  Musty Mossy! Erm. Ahem!

Loop de loop de loop de loop de loop.

All right. All right! I’ll say it. Cigarettes are bad for you. Don’t get started, kids. Not even passively. Ahem. Condescending. Ahemmm!

LOL who was the nut who came up with LOL anyway?

Seriously, though, I am a NO SMO-KING person.

He is seriously cool..


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