Victory melting yeahoo spiky wings! A turnip lady in a dress, elegant, lady-like and melting…

Her vegetable friends are leaping through the years,

bouncing on our forks,

and in our stomachs,






Scan0184  Cuz of the South Asian Subcontinent way of cooking vegetables, I never had trouble gulping them down as a kid. No raw furry broccoli bits or whole uncooked cabbage! Everything was boiled and fried with lots of delicious spice. Scrumptious! Of course there would be vitamin loss, but don’t you think the out-of-this-world taste was worth it? haha eat lots of mangoes- fresh Bangladeshi mangoes if you can get a hold of ’em- lots and lots of ’em- and some bitter gourd, boiled and mashed to grey mush- and a tomato with mustard oil and pepper- and a bit of cinnamon always- to make up for it ;D

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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