The Knave of Random Writing


*Warning: Contains a little cliched stuff. Hey, Alice is wonderfully intellectual,- and hey she’s definitely timeless- and a little over used today,  i think? Especially in popular culture- What do you think? I think what i am thinking may be more like how she’s used, and when, and where, and in what, and I think I may have used a bit of that here 😉

 But hey, i am shooting my foot again with this. There’s so much Alice in here. 🙂

So, the strange sad one? That’s me. 🙂

The Knave:

“I am the Knave of random writing, the 2 hearts in a deck of cards, Daisy Dose, Red 7 Uno,

The watch of the rabbit, the hat on the mad hatters head,

I am Alice’s ribbons,

Witness of the Tale of the Greenland of the South, The know-er of nothing much, the doer of even less, The half-hear-ted player,

the scrabbler,

the mumbler,

the mixed-up-one,

who goes bonking her head off walls of all the places that have walls,

the one who broke her glasses,

by smashing her bag pocket

where they

were foolishly


and Now

she can’t

really see clearly well,

Yeah, that’s me.

Um Ahem!

The One who lives in fear.

And if you think you know the answer/alleviation to that fear

than you are WRONG.

Cuz there aren’t any answers.

Don’t have to be.”

* I was laughing at my lil sister’s borrowed Dork Diaries book- and took up her challenge of actually trying before judging. Erm. Anyway I was surprised at how much the book surprised me. Pleasantly so. What made it awesome was how one could tell the author was simply crazily-nutt-ily-wack-ily-enjoying herself! Love wafted off her words. haha 🙂 This picture was inspired by Rachel Renee Russell’s interpretation of  Alice in Wonderland in one of her Dork Diaries books.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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