The Voice in the Night Sky:

IMG_20150308_143621The Voice in the Night Sky: ” If I were to the tell you that this is a tree and those are its roots, and that is its fruit, all of it, would you believe me?
If I were to tell you to climb up this tree, if I were to tell you to follow me, to believe in what I have to tell you, would you?
Or would you see through the blind and the layers of sweet cotton candy and stay away with a ten foot pole like I deserve? Like I really do? Cuz, y’see,
I’m danger.
I’m awful. I’m full of horribleness. And a pinch of salt and dried up apricots.
I am unsafe. If u can see even a bit of me then stay far away. I am risky. I am scary. I am the night creature , the one under the kid’s bed, in the closet, outlined against the moon. I am dark. I am strange. I am Danger. I am broken.
Just add me to another of the pile of those who have betrayed and been betrayed.”

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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