Philosophical Dribberage

IMG_20150327_192454Dear-who-ever-bothers-to-read-this-splattiness (that’s me! haha!)

The being of blankness-no the blankness of being:

I have known for quite sometime (actually my whole life almost, cuz I used to go all philosophical & stuff about English grammar & life as a seven year old. “And should come before a word starting with Kazooba!” erm. well maybe not exactly that.) that it’s rather easy to come up with philosophical dribberage. Gibberish. Gobbledegook. Gunk. What-not. For anyone really. Here, try it!

Put the first feeling on your mind down like
And the first thing you see next, like-
And relate that to a human action in life…

“Bored Carpets are…

…waking up…”
…eating a lot…”
And finally, add a bit of human soul!
“Bored Carpets are showering in the human soul!”


All right.
I guess that wasn’t so great.
SO that brings me to point number 2, precisely. On the dot! That most philosophy that comes easily, like so, is dribberage, gibberish, gobbledegooky gunk! Haha. Like
…on how to live your life… …on how to eat a mango upside down…
…on how to be permanently smiling always (Ouch!)… …on how to go bonking off walls successfully… …on how to be successful wearing cardboard forever and always… …on how to drive a sleigh… …on how to be a sarcastic fool…

This picture was inspired by my sister’s request for a stained glass painting. Mind you, I know very little about stained glass in general, and just out of interest, I didn’t internet search it, and did something based on my pre-conceived notion of stained glass.

And don’t you just hate it when people become all snobbish and ivory-tower-ish about anything whatsoever? Including philosophy?

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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