Scan0178So there, she sat, Ms. Mushroom, all long rooting tendrils and all, and turned to the maggot, eating its fill on the rotting bathroom door.

“So you see, maggot. I don’t even feel human anymore- i’d like to know- i really do- could you- could you help me…know? I need to know, you see- i really do-if…well..Isn’t it normal to imagine oneself falling through the rain drain, where the grills are falling apart and vanishing, and feel weirdly satisfied at one’s slobbery end-… normal to imagine the ground swallowing one up, or a giant boulder splattering oneself into splitters and splotters and slime and red-browness- ending, happily ending-its the end that’s so-not what comes after-… normal to expect the bad things to happen cuz all the blame is one’s anyway always-like  the rain pouring like little nuts and bolts- the-  Is it okay to never feel sorry, not even once for one’s falling scattering mind-… walking through every wall one sees and feeling one splinter into dust and nothing, nothing at all- oh don’t worry-just-just in one’s mind? -no pain of course. none at all.”

The maggot grabbed a splinter of old wood, and slowly rolled his tiny fat belly around the greying thing. This was going to be long. He made sure he stank bad enough. He roiled and boiled and fluffed his tiny self into a curved shape that would have looked graceful on any other creation- any other in the whole universe! It made Ms. Mushroom shudder, it did, that shape. she swirled her tendrils around her gently, and sadly, looking, with a bit of darkness and lots of imagination- like a lady in a frail dress with swirls of cloth hanging down like artistically flimsy hair.

“Well.” the maggot burped.

“Well indeed. You not even human are you, Mushroom? why then do you bother yourself with worrying about your depressing existence?”

that was scary, i think. i really liked it though. what do you think? 🙂

And the picture has nothing to do with this post whatsoever. I felt it was strong enough to me to contain something of what was said 🙂

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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