The Wooden Worm talked:

“Being dragged under, existing to self-destruct, not really a soul- just fragments of one that used to be…

nothing- no worse than nothing- nobody- no worse than nobody- blank- no worse than blank-empty- no worse than empty-

hating the word ‘I’, cuz it feels selfish- and realizing that one only hates  ‘I’ and can’t really like it cuz one is actually selfish, truly, after all…

joy in the state of one’s darkness-

And then there’s the neighborhood.This one. Of course. And message trees and little people and giant bird eggs, too giant to eat worms, and something- all dangly and bendy and spaghetti like-“

have you ever lived here? Would you like to visit?  🙂



About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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