I read about an undead girl.

The cover looked interesting, the back was too much so. I think I liked the title. Some ruffian rebel? Garbage-can-hero?

There was, in the beginning, a girl, short and dressed in purple-black, with purple eyes and dark purple hair. The hair was spikey.

She was 10. She had been ten for 100 years. She’d had weird stuff injected in her head and now it was uncrackable.  She wasn’t  human.

The little figure hung in an invisible, but very powerful cage in the air. The cage was in the library. She was frozen and slowly revolving. Didn’t become dizzy though.

It hurt. Blue ice tears and sweat (made of some hard metal precious fantasy stuff) kept dribbling down. She hadn’t expected it to hurt.

Oh. And her head was skull-like, larger than normal, very pale, and eerily strange. She couldn’t blink.

She was undead.

And destroyed completely in the first pages.  Lol

I feel exactly like her sometimes.

Weirdly blank and like I’m undead.

La di la la la la di da (que for massive trumpet call…)

Now let us run, my dearie ones, into the sun…

The above was inspired by a fantasy/sci-fi book, and unfortunately i can’t remember the title. The picture doesn’t really have anything to do with the above. Its original caption was:

The lost wearables.co. Storefront? or eerie room of ghosts?
This was reallyyy fun! grin emoticon

Except its a little undead like. I did this a few months ago 🙂

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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