“It won’t be long before they yell at me
Tell me Get out you pretender.
You liar.
You pathetic one.
How dare you try to be in a place that wasn’t yours at all?
They will scream at the waste
Of time
The drinks,
And false friendship
& they will hurt.
And not understand.
Not one bit.
Get out you pretender
Did they know that
That’s what I yelled and screamed at myself
With my face covered by my hands
Rolling on the floor,
Hair tangled into
A quivering shivering
Massive berry bush
Did they know?
Did I dare tell”
These were messy doodles in my class-notebook. This is the kind of stuff  that’s scribbled all over everything, especially in really long lectures. 🙂 oH and I’m not very good at poetry.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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