Boiling Sludge

So this is the depths I’ve sunk to.

So low. So grime-y. I bathe in mud. I eat it. I roll in it. I’d swear by it.

“YOU THERE-ERE-ERE-R-R” ouch. “YOU SLIME WORM-ORM-OR” yowzaaeeoo!! whose shouting?

“y’see, its not what you think, it isn’t y’see. it’s this where you live in:Scan0213

” It’s this! what do you say worm?”

I am baggered. Bliffled. goppled. Slopped. Aggrewaterrode-


“Cuz they are coming for you. They are, those bipeds, those weird ones who think they are so boffy and big-

they come to smash you-into a million little slushy pieces-

a billion-

seven billion-

they will give a piece to every one of them-

they think it will save them y’see from their dreaded deaths. they think it will- you will- make them death-less-


Now it had seen its home, it had to leave foreverScan0214*Freedom has been used with the English language 😉

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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