Where do all the lost shawls go?

I come from a shawl culture. Hey, in retrospect, everyone does really 🙂

the first one was cream-y with little blue and red flowers,  for the girl who was nine, almost ten. then  a lot of colourless shapeless, very practical ones that were tossed on in haste at prayers and when guests came around,

and to dress up as lady pirates and old people, and then a riot came-

squiggles and slippery see-through georgette, orange sizzles and pink-

spinach-y green, blue and un-name-able colours-

and only sometimes (for me) red and violet and deep deep purple. I wasn’t a very purple person y’see

red puffy frocks or creative-experimental messes- like egg yolks on a sleeve or dried ol’ orange seeds stuck on the hem-

were out of teenage fashion-the world over-sadly-sorrowfully

the question- is- and I’d really like to know-

where do all the lost shawls go?

where do they disappear to after they’ve been buried by clothes and stuffed inside places with the most silver worms, and fallen behind the broken plywood back of the wardrobe built into the wall-

or between the box and the wall in the storeroom-after a game of houses and cities- its colours stolen by the spiders to spin their webs, and the grime to expand their colonies-

or snatched away by the wind from the 14th floor balcony-

where do they go? lost and purposeless- do they change- and become different- and go out and sparkle- do they hang from the trees of the forest- do tiger cubs play with them, do stags dress up with a fancy flick or two- admiring the effect in the river reflection- of  their fragile zany flickering crowns wrapped up in a shawl or so- tasseled- dangling-

do the little red crabs use them for negotiations-

did people on the 13th floor, 5th apartment collect them- with glee-

This is based on the Salwar Kamees. As a child some of my fanciest clothes were given as gifts, or made by my mom- and i remember feeling so disappointed that frocks and shorts, pants and shirts were the fanciest for a child- i really wanted to wear the salwar kamees with all its colorful shawl culture! Then I became a teenager and that was all i got, as fancy Bangladeshi gifts lol 🙂

Update: My little sister helped me with the colouring


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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