The Tunnel of Boxes

On that day, the girl was not a quarter of a century old, not even a decade,

and something had come from far away, in a giant BOX, something exciting, a package of flowered dresses and books, but even more so, was that giant BOX

they turned it on its side and held it up with glee and pillows- the elderly blue broken ones and gave out a call. a CALL

so loud and yet no one really knew how it reached their ears, maybe something changed in the clouds of mosquitoes, the ones who don’t bite, a subtle sign, maybe there was too much sand in the air, or the blue blanket that hung from the tree in the middle of the court wriggled a little

And suddenly THEY came

they came silently, and then they started to yell and laugh, and pull at the edges of the giant box, which grinned, a little wickedly, and then

they said they had more at home, so more running- more slamming doors- the mechanical tin one- cuz the wooden doors don’t swing- and THEY came again,

and built this tunnel of boxes, right up the hill, the way, until they reached the dragons head- or so they said- and then beyond even that

And they didn’t care what the people inside the house in the hill thought-

they didn’t care about the dragon-

or the grass or the hill or the weird windows showing only blue sky or the blue that leaked into everythingjh

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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