This part was written by my sister:

The floor looks like a rainbow checkerboard only all the colors are scattered and jumbled and mismatched. And then you look away from the floor, and there is a complete compendum and laboomdoom of pink, red, brown, purple and blue (and a lot of other colors too) floating objects, and rubbery stuff, and food all in the wrong sizes and proportions. Just to my right are big, huge slithery strands of maggie goreng and i think all the bits of veggies and chicken and ginger and peas and carrots and garlic and chili were dancing about in the air, all fighting for space and guishing and guashing each other. And on my left, there is a big fat pink and purple mushroom that just began growing in that random spot of green floor. And there is all this mushy yellow stuff splattered all over the top. And right in front of me was an alien made of a pile of pots and pans and two reddish rubbery arms. And it was just standing there. Splat. Like that. In front of me.

And then i don’t know, there was just a huge, fantastic mess of round hanging stuff above that seemed too near the floor in some places and seemed to have no purpose at all but to make the place look more maddeningly colorful and neony and jumbly and bombly than it already was. And man, there was a whole bunch of chairs and tables sitting on the walls that weren’t falling and I’m gonna go and sit at one and try ordering some floating maggie and some slimy, yellow and pink mushrooms.

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow as a bickering, blue, black-and-white spotted fern leaf that can talk.

And this was written by me:

Layered Lamps all stringed up, jumping mee, with yellow-bowl accommodation, strands of cinnamon buns and Bangladeshi golof jam or lal meshti, stretch across the ceiling

Colorfully strange olives, and lots of tables on the side walls

sticking out for a doll’s house,

here, gravity is redefined.

Oh and best friends forever, Milo-ice in plastic bags, with their red pink ribbons smartly waggling.

Colours & Shivers!

Slivers & Acorns!

Do come for a drink! Purple sparkly Teh Tarik.



*the words in italics  are local Malaysian food. A Mamak stall or restaurant is a type of Indian-Malaysian restaurant, and the term is used here in the best possible respectful way, with love. the words in bold are Bangladeshi food. Enchanted Pink doodles and water colours!

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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