What She Saw, What It Felt

Maybe it was the air. It was smoggy and definitely a little green. She was thirteen, though, so that could have been it, too. The mornings in the park on the way to school were always too unreal for their own good. Her eyes were half-shut, and her too full bag dragged on the end of one of its straps. It was getting all nice and grassy. Good. The smell changed. The bag strap twisted out of her hand, and it took a wobbly first step with the other strap. Books began to sing softly, and the bag breathed deeply. It stepped up and began to roll. The girl opened her eyes. This is what she saw. This is what it felt. The bag jigged and sizzled. She jigged and sizzled. Cuz she was thirteen, and wanted to be a kid forever. Enchantment! Wonder! Excuses for being late for school (Wild Impossibility Occurred On the Fourth Sidewalk Next To The Lake, Miss!)! Adventure! Excitement! She hopped onto a wooden board, and wheeled it onto the pink rods with the painted-on wooden planks. These red houses were having a stand off with these living green trees, across a river that was colored turquoise with a very fine brush. A pink tree winked out at her, at this world, and it rolled, raced, rocked out the moment, it’s moment, LIVE! Green gas balls grinned rather wickedly as they slowly puffed by the sun’s face. That house, from which the gas blew, was made of glass,  she was sure of it. And was that a potted plant, showing off its vase with elegant elderly lady pride? Or was it a wooden peacock? “Who knew? Who cared?” Scan0231 I didn’t really like the writing much, but i loved painting this! Aw well, I don’t answer to anyone but a few for this blog so “who knew, who cared” haha 😉

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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