The Glossy Magazine Pictures

I stared at the photo of the clean-shaven young man, his pale beige shirt, fresh ingenuous expression,

and I could not relate to him. Or any of the very fresh-y ingenuous people in the pages of the magazine. Clean-edged. Full of ambition- “be a leader-” “change the world-”

do all that balderdash and bopswotch. Meet people. Not cuz you care about them. But cuz you want them to care about you- well at least enough to mention you to a person of power.

Blagh! who were they? Couldn’t they see the emptiness of everything. Hollow Shell. If-

I feel like I’m built so hard that I change state, from solid to liquid and shatter while its happening, shatter like clay, old old clay that had out lived the ages                                    that doesn’t shatter easily



This writing was about how frustrating some people are for some weird reasons. You know those young ambitious super “youth leader of the future!” Hey a lot of them are probably great people, its just some who really go overboard. Their souls seems to be completely wrapped around “networking” and “making the latest business connections” and “doing everything to be famous” and “KNOWN”. Nothing else matters huh? Hey live a little?  

This would be my glossy magazine profile picture of choice! It was done on shiny blue. The scanner didn’t really catch the shine though. 😉

I think I’ll write another post for this picture one day. Strange things on wagons being pulled on train tracks! And further adventures of the pink tree!Scan0234

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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