The Pumpkin Song

He was seven, and he stood in front of them and started to sing his pumpkin song.

It went “Pumpkins are orange sometimes, and sometimes they are green, or a mixture of them both…” It went on.

If this were a cartoon/animation, a lot of pumpkins would start to float around the room, faintly singing the pumpkin song.

Then they would burst open and all the juice would fall and ooze and slither and land on everyone as the pumpkins still sing.

The seeds would wriggle and a few cords of music would come out, the slime would strain

against their bonds,

to the pieces of pumpkin shell, and there would be a slightly slishy-slushy sound of weird juicy music- it would catch them unaware, but they would grin all the same,

as it swept them off into a river of pumpkin, into a sea,

into a far off land where all the pumpkins sing.

Taste of orange,

and they all grin and laugh and stand there, gooping and gawping and jiggling and jaggling

until the song ends


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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