He had seven and a half warts on his face…

IMG_20150713_170338He had seven and a half warts on his face, with lots of hair growing out of each. His head was clean without a strand of hair. His eyes were too wide, nose too bobbly, and his skin was a shade of green (he wore clothes to match). He was short and quite round and liked dancing on his toes.

She had six and a half warts and two moles on her face, which was shaped like a rather flabby pear. Where he had too little hair, she had too much. It grew in large stiff bunches and stuck out in a graceful ring, with the ends drooping down.

She was tall and very very thin.

She liked singing to the sound of dancing toes.

They lived together in the little orange house between DressMe! co. and House Deco TM, squashed into a long winding alley, on the roof of Books Galore. There was a garden of five metres square, a fancy staircase that took up two, and a great  big umbrella that took another two- it had little blue flowers on it, and that, she said, “was as good as a garden” in the Palace co. of Tea co.

They danced and sang and danced again, to the sound of toes. Toes that jigged, toes that bopped, slithered, toes that banged and BOOMED.

And laughed and lived

Live their lives, in that house

in the alley, to the sound of dancing toes.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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