The Bonniest Kid in the Sky

The little boy was stretchy and made of a fine elastic rubber, he could blow on a paper horn while he leapt onto the lines in the sky from his old ship,

so he bent over and did just that,

as they passed the island of old rotting furniture

and the great banana boat!

His skin was dark brown, and his eyes were made of paper, he loved to laugh, even when they put him, made him, forced him into being a bridge,

[it’s bricks, it’s pillars, it’s sorry cracks and edges,

it’s stains and moss and memories and things]

[He was the bonniest kid, the most

beautiful boy that ever graced the sky lines]

[Bent over laughing, sketching

on his paper horn,his sky horn].

The half-rectangle brackets (can’t be bothered to find that boringly correct name for them, in the time it takes to type this out) are because that’s how i wrote this in my note book. Although the lines are really short and broken, like a poem- they are more like that cuz of the size of my notebook than any real poem0-intent 🙂 Pointless rambling aside, I imagined that little boy kind of like Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, with dark brown skin, his stunning grey-blue eyes and white hair :). Alright that was just more rambling haha. Oh, and the picture is filtered vintage.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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