girl in exile


She was sent in exile, out to the cardboard lands. Wearing her favorite red dress and a little round cap, she had all her posessssions heaped into a wooden travelling case, with stamps from all the countries she’d been in custody, until the last exile stamp of cardboard land. The path looked muddy, but the hill looked like a dollop of remarkably mould-able blue ice cream. Old cereal box lights floated on their strings-with-wings around the giant red plate of water that was probably meant to be a lake.Lights were painted on to the houses, and the logos of the massive food companies showed through all the glue-and-scissor work.

There were towers of tissue rolls and houses made of cereal boxes and a castle in the distance that looked like it wouldn’t last through the first rains.

She felt strange and rather blank.

It had happened so quickly really- a free girl living mostly in cafés and libraries, and now she was an exile, who’d been wanted (and held) all over the world. She carefully plastered her convict persona on. Tweaked it with romantic fantasy, and YEAH. She was set.

From the Great Expectations style, the innocent indebted in honor for life ( ludicrous! She thought. It may have just been her black heartedness, but %#@&&!! what about his wife and daughter??) and Sirius Black’s desperate loyalty (now if he had just stayed put, nothing would have happened), Eoin Colfer’s airman ( too prodigious), dear old robin hood (too fantastical!). Oh why were convicts all so disgustingly good?

She leaned down and picked up the little wooden box and pulled her hat low over her eyes. Her walk became jaunty and a little stiff, her expression sharp and rather wiggly.

She had decided to be a cardboard girl.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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