giant fish

STARING, sloppy, unrefined, scatty, scary, scrying,

But it makes me breathless, knowing that I was here


i have been on a break from masters for quite some time now, and have been trying to fill it up the with lots of my favorite  stuff. Painting on notebooks has been the latest thingamajig for me haha, and coming up with ideas for stories and maybe even a book( MIND you I have countless unfinished books that never got beyond a few pages of illegible black ink and lots of doodling) Although that’s not going so well. Connecting all those paragraphs and keeping that idea going for long enough is much harder than scribbling a few random and maybe suspiciously scatty thoughts down, like on this blog. haha


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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