You asked me about fear so

~sunshine-y afternoons after school when it’s just hot and you are not sweating-it’s quiet, and you feel wistful and nostalgic

~late at the malls when you should have been home; or on the hilltops,  on the slide when you should have been in bed, stand-swinging on the swing, right into the sky, breaking the rules with dad and mom, [cuz some rules were just made to be broken]

~deep night – 4 am at the worlds of dungeons and dragons and Ender’s Game, 4 am tea with Fahrenheit 451- feel it burn into you unknowingly

~all those normal things like studying or breathing or smiling or existing

~or friends and family

now imagine in between a brick wall with little dots and shards pulling at the edges, all that was just a part of your mind

and the rest exists in a perpetual chant of

-no never nope no please no-

against ones fears, fears of spiraling off into  nothing but fear and more fear

cuz all that’s left here is fear and a bit of me

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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