Blue Ink Trees

You haven’t lived your life yet if you haven’t walked across the notty path made of branches of blue ink trees, just you and the silent music of those inky worlds.

 never have I felt more than now that every house should have a place, small and hidden, maybe a wooden wardrobe, or a sliding walk in closet, or a shoe cupboard, or a gap wide enough behind the sofa, or behind the bed’s headrest, or even a chair in the shower, or on top of a step ladder, or under a pillow over your face, a corner of your garden, or in the place where all the junk is stuffed, where you could hide away from the world and think what fools we all are. *@!&$&#!?+&$*@#;- (for emphasis)IMG_20150925_002642

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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