dangerous safe place

cuz we all need that quiet place where the wind never stops, a dangerous safe place

That place in our heads- you know when the ground was a lot closer, and it was about to rain and heat came off the concrete pathway in waves- and there was this stillness, and silence, a waiting feeling- you know, cuz so many have thought about it, had it written, painted, filmed, and you know cuz you’ve been there too, you know how it stays and how sometimes you walk there again..

the wind…wind tastes like salt..

she imagined her own face being torn out as a strand of 0.3 mm wide skin peeled off,  a long strand unravelling like a mummy’s bandage from chin to forehead, and from ear to ear… it hurt, but imagining it stopped the fear

as she stood on  a green daisied hill in the sunshine with a smile on her face…

lying smile…

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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