Oh the Lies that we tell! (told in definitions)


Freedom of language: to make, or using whatever use of whatever entity, including word or vegetable, that one wishes, regardless of the ever-prudish language-police.

Non-literal: the best enjoyment one gets is in the mutterings of one’s own mind- no matter how wonderfully unsound and nonsensical…

Lies: (Contextual) (here, in this writing) Lies means the human lies that may or may not have malice and would never be legally, or even, perhaps, morally, wrong in any belief system/ law- except for the overly prudish overly-literal goody-goody whom one is bound to bounce off of and meet (even in one’s own head!) (So don’t go around accusing others of goody-goody-ness, h*****, seriously!) (h***** is my name 😉 )

Feelings: to be stomped on.

“Morals”: To be twisted (similar to the definition of lies, this twisting of morals in this writing would not really be covered in the legally wrong twisting of morals) (:P not to be taken seriously of course)

“Moral” Cruelty: When a person is cold, callous, or even cruel cuz they believe that it would be morally wrong to show how much they truly really do care. [Ironically the obvious opposite of this definition- of being kind, nice, even fawningly good to others because the person doing this action believes it would be morally wrong to show how little they care-actually falls under a definition of “moral” cruelty as well.]

*cuz: to be made into common language through continuous usage, a synonym of because, but with a slightly criminal edge.

Type of lie#1: Personal feelings. e.g. saying “I hope your great”, meaning “I hate you”. Or saying “You are a rotter” but meaning “You rock!”

Type of lie #2: Personal wellness. “I’m fine” [I actually have a dozen horrible things happening that I’d rather not share with you cuz I really don’t trust you with my feelings (i.e. being told someone’s problems can be a privilege except in the case of lie #3)

Type of lie #3: Personal cruelties. “I have this problem and this and this and this- and this is why I treat everyone like a ****” [I do have problems but they are not as bad as I make them out. I actually am bored and have no one to talk to and I really want attention and importance socially and I think my problems will give me that- only I ENJOY talking about them- I like that sympathy I see in everyone, and its a perfect excuse for all my mistakes. I refuse to take responsibility and try to be a better person.]

Type of lie #4: Personal difficulties. (Has a lot of problems,  some really serious) (is always the first to help and comfort others and rarely complains) (ergo, is silenced by  personal difficulties.)

Type of lie #5: Personal attributes. Being told “You’re shy”. Replying “Yes”. Meaning “I so badly want to swear at you for stereotyping me! I can take care of myself you know!”

Type of lie #6: Superfluities. “You look great!” (You don’t look hideous, just nothing spectacular), “You are a good listener” (You are an awful empathizer, but I want to get out of this situation!), “I am an awful person” (I don’t actually believe that, I just want you to reassure me), “I hate that too” (I actually like it, but I want to seem cool to you or be nice by agreeing with you).

Type of lie #7: Denial of the inherent knowledge that everyone who reads this has most likely lied in these ways.

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An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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