What Whispers Look Like

002Hanging in those blue, gossamer, shimmery, almost insubstantial, subtle, silent, movement,

like when the bamboo  woods behind grandfather’s house turn blue-grey- like when the whole world turns grey-shapeless- almost-

grey lumps floating like cymerings in that surreal dream world- just before the sun rises- just before

quiet! listen! maybe we should have read more-

that annoying way he had of making every sentence, every word into a lame joke- that way she used to laugh out loud- with her head in the clouds- and her eyes all strange- the way her eyebrows would wiggle up and down as she tried to pay attention to her laughter- eerie- the way the other- he would stand around grinning quietly wicked- witty- quiet- trying- trying too hard- the way I held my head-awkward angle- the way they clatttt-er- the way you walked into the place-the place-

The way you’d annoy the heck out of me- not you- you- the w…

the way we should have listened more-

we were too busy- noticing the little way other people seemed to listen to us- to notice the little we listened to them- we were too busy catching the sounds to see the whispers- hanging-hanging down from the blue blue woods, outside of that house, that place-

lit up with pastel yellow-

Noxious, nasty, nutwiggy, heartless? sad, twisted, grieving loss? Sorrow? Grimness, pathetic grimness? hauteur-complexion- silhouette – stiletto – sill- whispered- WHISPERS- we should have listened-

You could have cut them with scissors and ravelled them up in baskets and used them as ribbons to wrap yourself up in- you could have put them on cards and sent them out- out- you could have played tarzan with them- you could have held us motionless- with them-them whispers-

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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