Prayers for Beirut, Baghdad, Paris, and for all the others, even unknown…

I pray for you all- May God guide you through this time!

The attackers- who have lost their humanity- wish to divide us all, human beings- of all races- of all faiths and belief systems- Buddhist/Christian/Jewish/Taoist/Hindu/Sikh/Atheist/Agnostic/Muslim, etc.- and we cannot let them win.

I am a Muslim, and we are all one Humanity. With compassion and peace I write this!

The Quran says that to kill one person is like killing all people, and saving one- is like saving all people-

This picture is a figurative depiction of all those uncountable true souls- all those uncountable stars- that have died/suffered unjustly at the hands of others- since the beginning of time- before any of the modern faiths were named- and these stars will be there long after this world has died-


In the Quran,it is written that there was a time when the angels ask why would God create humans, when they would cause bloodshed on Earth. That is a question that I think of at times like this. Even the Angels asked God about the human race.

Throughout history, since the beginning of humanity, there has been bloodshed- before all of our faiths were named- and after they are gone- it will be there- an eternal part of the worst of humanity. There have always been people who have truly become lost- in our history- and who have fallen- who have lost the best part of them- their true human nature- and these are the real pitiable losers! How awful the place where they are is!

I am Muslim, and we are all one humanity- brothers and sisters- and we must unite against those who wish to destroy the best things in us.

In answer to the question of the Angels, God said that He knew what the Angels knew not, and told Adam to say the names of all things- a knowledge- that even the Angels could not say. Even God had faith in us. Even though there are terrible humans amongst us – there will always be those who are kind, and good, full of compassion- and willing to stand up for the right thing. People who are greater than even the Angels.

May those who truly deserve it end in a place like this:


*I based the above on verses from the Quran. I write with compassion for all people and respect for all faiths and beleifs- everyone is welcome to me as they are 🙂

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