that song


Thin, skinny, angular, with a knowing look on her face, with her dad- thin, angular, long white hair and a knowing look on his face- stepping up the stairs with that confidence that came with being with your dad, and his quiet smile and his obvious motorcycle coolness- he walked with a slight strut, and a sense of being on the outside, she walked with a spring that made it seem like a dance-
I remember being that little girl-no not her, or like her exactly but looking up from the sidelines as a friend, as another little girl walked with her ripping-cool-rocking dad who seemed a little on the outside, who seemed like he didn’t quite fit in or feel comfortable, he had too much wild for that..
jeans and a scraggly beard and sunglasses and a bandana and a tight white shirt with a baseball cap on backwards and a motorcycle coolness- and I’d thought about it too that the dance they seemed to dance, dad -daughter, daughter-dad, around and around…
and now it looked like dad-daughter instead of daughter-dad, and it seemed amazing…

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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