wild happy free

IMG_20160104_234229 Leia ran through the north fields, after the darkened building. It was an old house that had been converted into some business thing. The north fields had shorter grass that grew tangled and spikey, bristling, with lots of slithering and rustling sounds on the edges of every bit of it.

Something was yawning inside of her, a huge screaming hole. What the **** was the price of being wild & happy & free? What the **** was its price?

It sucked in every good thing in her- or what ppl would say were good things, and pulled all the ugliness from deep inside her to fill the gaps.

She couldn’t stand it any longer- she screamed like a grass animal, high & keening, at the stars, at the grass, as she reached down, and spelt with the gold wood “Wild, Happy & Free”.

She screamed and screamed and screamed… her voice seemed to break everything up- all the dark silveriness- outside & inside her- the white linen pieces hanging in the cupboard- the hard rocky insect crawling on the bed, on herself..the sound of firecrackers…the front door being slowly closed… the crackle of silver …silver paper …and then…no NO STOP… that cursed blue ball… the grey dust…her brother and sister and the other kids hanging sideways, trapped…in a walking cycle, in the air, in the ground, in the air again… no no…nobody could hear her.. nobody could see her..AGH

Her hair stuck out even more perpendicularly from her head. Her feet burned.

There was a rustle in the tall grass next to the clearing, and it made strange high sounds. Other things were coming.

She collapsed on the ground, too whittled down to feel, except she was all feeling. Only feeling.  Something moved on the edge of the shorter grass then something emerged from the dancing, twisting wall of standing grass. Something silver. A talon? A claw? A foot? A scaled large thing? A wing? There was an odd sound,  high then low- high- low… high …low…… high…… low…

Leia’s eyes were crackling, tingling- they’d been dry too long.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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