leia’s beast


She rose into the air, on all four of her shaggy legs, shaking her golden horns. KROOOEAOOOO


The song stopped.

Golden spots swirled around her body, showing up against the tree-bark-lines and tangled shag. She twisted her hairy horns and her golden horns and gave Leia a stare.

“Oh. You again.”

A soft hammering sound expanded in the air between leia and her Beast. The view, all the grass, the smaller ones, the tall ones, slowly broke and swirled away..

They were standing where it ..all had started.. again..

Next to block 4, next to the hole in the ground. It was covered now in a neat grassy square, that hole. Leia felt fear, sharp and blank, bounce around her head and press at its edges. She knelt down next to the Beast, next to the hole, or where it had been. Digging her nails in, she lifted the fresh square up and looked inside. No one- nothing- it was just a dark blot in the place. She took out her handphone-  the super cheap kind- and turned on its torch. The hole looked even darker after its beam ended- and empty- no Marqus,  or the other kids or Hero. It was like they had not even been there, ever. Leah stared and felt rather horrible. They’d been here though, she was sure of it. She’d run, breathless from the monkey bars, to find them rotating in the sky, in the earth, in the hole,  and in the sky again,  in a horrible spiralling cycle. With dazed wide-eyed looks on their faces, each of them had been muttering and saying things loudly, but they  hadn’t been able to hear her. Had they all fallen down deep into that place? Or had it been something else?

“What do you think, Beast? Do you think the worst has happened, or do you think..?”

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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