The Lady in the Window


On a peak, or a clifftop, or some grassy lonely place, maybe a village in the grasslands, if one’s lucky, there will be a lady, that lady with the long dark hair, and everything else about her will be as the legend/story/tale/myth that she’s in, dictates.

She may have dark skin, or fair, her eyes may be wide and a little staring, or slanted, stunning; she may be tall, or average height-ed. But she’ll always have those sad tortured eyes, and that past. She will be older, and beautiful, and she’ll wear lots of dark green, velvet, cotton, and black. She may have all those low downs, and failings and mistakes that are hers alone, but to the world she is noble. Always. She lives in us- we all have her in us at some point or the other.

She is alone. She lives like that. Maybe she came from somewhere far away, a mysterious land with mythical reputations, or from the local town, where she was a quiet sweet dark-haired girl who surprised everybody one fine morning, Saturday… she would have lived for a short time of her life, and then had to live with that living for the rest of her life. Maybe she likes reading, maybe she has friends. But all they see is that noble women with the shattered eyes..or is it the shattered women with the noble eyes? That one time there were rumors about her from the rocks on the west to the town east, there were bitter, twisted looks and nosy noses, and then there was the silence that stretched forever over the years.

Someone may come for her, when her hair turns white, someone may write, or someone may come upon her by chance and be completely fascinated, whipped, blown away, beguiled, and write out her tale, which will spread, through a thousand generations, long after her dust too has blown away in the ocean wind..

cuz she is always next to the ocean, the rocks, and the wild wild wind…

She may live on legends and tales- infinitely- one may say, that she is in the classics- but which one? If one is Indian- ancient myths from the people past? Chinese- in carefully lettered manuscripts containing wisdom from long ago? Bangladeshi- from the mind of a famous novelist form the turn of the last century (not this one). Greek classics? Malaysian- from the ruins of an anceint temple in the mid-north, or from a tomb in Sudan? A tale from the words of an ancient Iroquois Chief in North America? Or a more modern tale from Agatha Christie?


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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