wings again

Twigs are painful when they are underneath your back. So are stones and saga seeds. Obvious, except no one talks about that in their nature epics.

Classes ended late yesterday, and started unaccountably early today, at 7 am, so Yelano decided to sleep in the park, with her yellow wings folded around her. Hopefully any weirdos would think she was a massive yellow chicken. Oh shoot, that would make them come over and investigate, right? her feathers cushioned the twigs and rocks a bit, like hair they didn’t really feel much, unless you tugged on ’em.

They were connected to metallic elastic bones in her shoulder blades- artificial GEN ones and didn’t have full life yet. She could roll around into a ball in her giant yellow cocoon and unattach them, although that wouldn’t be wise if she wanted full-life wings.

She took out her handphone- a simple ZAPO 4156 with just the basic capabilities- if you didn’t give anyone anything to steal, they wouldn’t really even if they did- and switched on its torchlight, shining it around. She put the phone, rubber padding side down- on her right cheek and took out Waterfall by  Lisa T. Bergren and began to read.

Just before Dawn…003





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An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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