The Game


The gamers running from under the cloth tents into the sun

The Dream (possibly heat induced, kind of memorable):


It was a game, only there were live monsters, and monster germs. We were running for the sunlight to destroy the zombie virus in us. (Too much pop culture, I know). And then the dream shifted, and after being free of our zombie-ness, there was a graduation party. We prepared perfectly for it. My mom gave me the dress, I can  almost still remember it now,  brown, gold, almost to my knees, with ties at the back, baggy pants, subcontinent style, and a gold-yellow scarf with brown whorls and geometric lines on it, wrapped around my face oh-so-cool-ly. Square corners and a sash. And lots of jewelry to cover the short sleeves, a bit of perfume, and an aura of excitement, excitement… A little sister (not my own) to tag along  and lots of last minute preparations, (we planned it all, to getting there and getting back) and that aura of excitement, excitement… like all dreams, we almost made it and we got lost on the way. It was meant to be a late night party in an attic or a building for old kept things, far away with an obvious formidableness (at least in my imagination it would be obviously formidable), with the building all dressed up and changed by the party lights. Bright red lights, glowing from the ground, watch for the moat there could be monsters, monsters!

That was meant to be our night, us all decked in our aura of excitement… Somehow we got lost on the way & were way too late, and ended up munching munchables at your place, waiting for my Dad. And then the dream shifted and I was watching some kids, boys, racing cars up a special racing track (the small remote control ones) & tryna join in, & then there was a giant fish & a man struggling to conquer it. Yellow green, single striped, the fish swam low. I think his head ended up in its mouth… neither of them were going to die… I woke up.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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