Orange and lemon robot games

That knowing when you realise you can forgive sharp mean snotty remarks because you have made them too. You let them bounce right off your bones and realize it’s a double game- you pick on each others flaws in the meanest way and underneath it all you don’t really care cuz if you are not mean sometimes at least that probably means that you have a puffed opinion of yourself ie “I am not mean” and it hits your ego when someone else is that to you, and you react so disproportionately that it shows who you really are, but when you’ve been mean too, you can let it go… back and forth this tirade moves in that familiar ol’ rhythm from Always and Before..


some days were better than others in the House of Robots. Today was a rather smelly day with lots of razor sharp flowers sticking on the walls. Orange 101 was playing a goofy game with his pal lemon 200 from across the town. Lemon 200 was jerkily awkward in the cylindrical steps that cylinder robots are good in and Orange was terrible at Lemon’s rigid jerky steps that he used to game to back home on Lemon Sundays. So they goofed around giggling and joking as the rest of Orange’s brother robots looked on. It was rather stuffy inside the room,what with all the towering cylindrical robots and the low beamed roof and the narrow wooden walls of the House. Lor Orange 128 called out drinks from the kitchen,and the rest of them clapped wildly along to Orange and Lemons jerky wild game around and around the little circle of the carpet they stood on.


About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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