The guy with the coffee jar


It  was  the  first time  she’d lived away  from her parents.  She met a guy.

Could she not see through it, all those promises that it would be all okay, that this was okay,that this was all right,even Right? How could you think otherwise? How could you?

Couldn’t she see through it all? Couldn’t she see that he’s leading her on. “Beleive this when you know that he has a hundred of you.”” Run while you’re still free.” “Are you really like that or are you just naive?” Blunt and mean, these keep pounding through my head. Couldn’t she see through the façade?

My facade.

How it fascinates me and now I think of it, do I see my past in her present or is it that I’m as drama starved as all that? How fascinating it all seems.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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