orange fashion


cuz ppl only pay attention to tragic stories, that’s why they are there, cuz ppl ignore them all, that’s why they are there..

The thing about this part of KL- the part that I live in- is that its a little up-side and with streams of students who seem to wear a uniform of long tee’s and knee length shorts (or longer or shorter), straightened hair and glasses, or jeans with tight black/white shirts. In some ways its monochrome in its spirit. Although there are people from all over the world here, in part due to the international uni nearby, within these lines, people don’t really break tradition  or normalness to just STAND OUT. It’s kind of sad. Walking around the neighborhood with a straw hat from a holiday at the beach made people swivel around and goggle a little more than they always do. BLEAH.


The rundown apartments I used to live in- with their eroded green grey walls and the quietness under the presence of the hundreds of people living there, the smells, some horrid, that always took permanent residence in certain corners and sides of the place- people tended to be a lil’ more edgy and weird and expressive. There was a darker side and an iffy side and a prudish side and a drifter side to the whole place. Then again- I’m probably wrong. Nostalgia is blinding.

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An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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