The Dragonfly Boy


“Sky dive!” Dragonfly flew up into the sky from the top of the water mill. “Fire ball! Retracted!” A long string of small orange sparks burst out from his shirt collar and blew over the grass. Upside down the sky looked like his Ford X100. “You beaut!” Blobs of orange slowly drifted away from his toes as he thought of his Ford. And Dota of course. He kicked one leg up and lazily turned around on to his back. Then shaking his feet, he stretched and rolled into a ball and then stretched again and drifted. “Just drift!”. Dota used to be like food, back when that Ford existed.

Several small rings glinted in the sunlight, just around Dragonfly’s head. He’d get another cahian for his wall after this, maybe shaped like his left brow? This was amazing. “Flash back and Fireball!”

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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