The Saree shop

IMG_20160524_170850You sweat in small droplets, with empty spaces in between, your arms ache from all the bags and bags of all things- shampoo, clothes, oddments, eyeliner- as you get to the shop, the Saree shop. Standing at the back as the Parents go through each possible stack of potentially buyable sarees,not too expensive, but not too cheap either, ┬ánot too dull, but not too brilliantly colored either, shimmery but not too shimmery, silky but not too much, and when you think you’ve gotten it pat, all the Saree buying criteria, you turn around with one and it’s bright green, and you find it dismissed for some reason or another, as your mom and dad hurry down another section and pick up a pink one. Baffled, you have no idea why that pink one is right, or what makes it right- and why the green one you are holding is wrong or what makes it wrong…

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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