Ignorance fashions

IMG_20160521_154717It’s really really important to be informed – to at least realise the depth of one’s ignorance – ignorance that one can’t help having about things especially things about other people and how there are always two sides to a story. It’s important to be knowledgeable about ignorance, all the facets of ignorance and in which possible ways and in what one is ignorant in and how ignorant one can be, and how wide, huge, broad, vast and creative this ignorance is and even then one will always be ignorant of how truly ignorant one is. Cuz there are always two side to a story, many heroes are also villains.

Trust no one unless they have earned it and even then give a margin for ignorance and error.

Cuz there will always be something you are ignorant of and cuz nobody teaches us about ignorance. (They teach us knowledge).

We are not God and can never be, but we sure do aspire to be. Impossibly so.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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