swirling color

IMG_20160607_174308Swirling color, a seamstress’s dream from a book about old mouldering friendships and a colorful present, about cheating and living low, and a very British neighborhood ( the book was written by a British author) that was repeated in another book  of several generations in the new, moderate and then old city housing, just bright off the spark, or in a story, yet another story, about trouble, mouse and his friend and how “you have to express yourself in letters ten feet high” leading on to the story of the family with a jewel in its name and it’s overwhelming love for everyone, so much so that you could be a part of their family too. Back to that seamstress, she was a genius, and that was the only splash of color in an otherwise sordid, gloomy book. Oh on a side note, there was that other story of the young and garishly attractive reporter and her new victims, set in the late 90’s and yet it seemed like it was more than fifty years older. All these stories took place in the same very British neighborhood. Oh all these swirling skirts, bedazzled, be dazzled by em.

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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