IMG_20160723_172622A whole mess of secrets, half truths and colorful speeches and sometimes (deemed necessary) lies, with spilled over confessions (cuz we couldn’t hold it in) and excited relations that we somehow have something in common too.

And then back, back to being careful, careful and so careful until one is walking on stilts and wondering on two.

Oh how clever she is,how careful he is,a swift denial, a parry with a question, a laugh of no, how it’s my turn to be morally mortified as my faults are shown up, and yours are hidden, successfully hidden, a repayment of a time all those years ago, when I’d done the same…oh careful is great, careful is good, but it sure takes the zest out of our conversations for surely if we didn’t have a naughty secret or two spilled in great glory glee, what would we talk about, what would we wonder or ponder on, derive meaning from? What would our conversations be about again?

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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