The cocoon

IMG_20160726_141732I sit after what feels like an age inside a cocoon. Coming out is being free, but also being nothing, because no one cares.

Rigid with stiff dignity, the dignity of being in a cocoon, my mind has yet to relax into all its former pieces. Free pieces. I step and step and step, and I can feel the sticky strings of the cocoon’s walls drag after me. It still smells-  I smell, of sticky sweet molly-coddled chambers, and even though I’ve been awake for weeks, I still feel the cotton soft sleepiness pressing down on me. I miss having food pumped into me, I miss having the world go by as I sit still.

I have wings now though. I feel like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing…

I sit after what feels like an age on a train, fast moving through all the densities of the city, from the mountains and bits of jungle, to the tall underground skyscrapers, and I wonder about the train, and the eyes of the girl in front of me, and about the houses and drains, and the bold vivid graffiti slashed across the walls, in hurried harried colors…

I am free now. I feel nothing.IMG_20160726_141746

About theshadowsofthenight

An amateur writer and amateur artist :)
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